SUPER SEVEN CRYSTAL, Melody's Stone is a much needed gift from the Espirito Santo (meaning Holy Spirit) region of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Also called Sacred Seven, they are yet another stone in the kingdom which never needs clearing or cleansing.





We gratefully acknowledge the writings of Melody, Katrina Rafael and Patricia Troyer whose invaluable contributions have inspired this chart of metaphysical properties. 

Quartz in general acts as an amplifier of all energies, body, mind and spirit, and has as many formations as we do personalities. Crystals tend to draw "like minded" energies to them and can aid in communication with the spirit realm.
Quartz crystal can help to facilitate psychic and healing awareness and abilities.
They can be used to clear and energize the energy centers (Chakras) of the body at all levels.
They are a manifestation of pure "love and light" and are a constant reminder of the blessings of beauty, love and healing of our Creator.


A crystal with smaller crystals attached to the base or side
A bringer of Abundance, Prosperity, Good Health
Excellent for fighting depression and recharging
energy levels

A crystal with a face containing 5 sides
Represents Wisdom, Right-Mindedness and Fidelity in Love
Celebrates the "Goddess Within" and honors the 
energies of healing and creation
Helps one to cope with grief or loss.

A crystal with a 7-sided main face and a triangle directly opposite
Represents a "Seeker of Spiritual Ideals, the Student 
of the Mystic
Helps one to access knowledge from "within and without"
and can aid in communication with "spirit guides"

A crystal with a damaged point
Enhances personal truths, integrity, and helps one to live a "right-minded life
Helps one to know the "warrior within" and aids in
fighting one's inner-most fears
A wonderful stone for protection and safe-guarding spirit

A small slender crystal with smaller faces and a wider base
Facilitates a refined communication with other worlds
Excellent tools for those who work with energy or vibrational healing
Focuses direct energy with accuracy and precision

A long, clear extremely narrow crystal
A wonderful tool for alternative and vibrational healing
Can help to "stitch together" scattered patterns of energy
Extremely effective when used with acupressure points

A crystal where all six faces form a perfect pyramid point
Wonderful tool for generation, projection and concentration 
of energy of other crystals or minerals
Helps to stimulate telepathic communication, especially in groups of healers and teachers

A crystal with a 3 or 6-sided recessed shape somewhere on 
the crystal
Can be used to "unlock the doors" to healing or psychic awareness
Helps you to access missing information

Any crystal with faceted points on both ends
Channels energy through both directions at the same time
Excellent for astral projection, dreaming and meditation
Can provide for protection from physical and mental harm

A crystal with one point on one end and many individual 
points on the other, resembling an old-fashioned rocket
Facilitates communication with extra-terrestrial beings
Reminds us that we are all individuals within the One
Helps one to build and maintain self-confidence and courage

A crystal with another gas or mineral which has layered 
itself in imitation of the original point
Represents the many experiences one encounters in a lifetime
Symbolizes universal awareness, and can facilitate access to 
past lives and spirit guidance

A group of crystals "clustered together"
Enhances peace and harmony within a group, family, social or business environment
Can activate or cleanse other minerals or crystals
Outstanding shield against negative energies

A crystal which has many, naturally etched geometric shapes
Contains within it all the information presently available 
to humanity
A master programmer of all record keeper crystals
Great for communication with guides, teachers or Higher Self

A large crystal with a smaller one attached to the side
Protects the defenseless, sensitive, insecure or vulnerable
Helps us learn to receive abundance and to nurture ourselves 
as well as others
Assists in working with all traumas, including abuse




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A crystal which has suffered severe damage
Aids tremendously when working with addictions
Reminds us to have compassion for others, without losing our own energy
Represents the ability to conquer all adversities, and demonstrates that "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder"

A crystal which has an extra face on the right side of largest face
Helps to activate the logical, verbal and intellectual left side of the brain
Encourages learning and study, and is great for working with ego

A crystal with an extra face on the left side of the largest face
Helps stimulate the female energies of healing and creativity
Represents the energy which is coming into the soul
Encourages patience, compassion, tolerance and forgiveness

A crystal which has formed a point around a "shaft" of crystal
Believed to have been worn and carried by priests/priestesses of Atlantis and Lemuria
Reminds you of who you are and why you are here
Stimulates courage to take action and follow through
Establishes firm connection between spirit and the "true self"

Two or more crystals who are in parallel alignment with each other
Symbolizes union with the One, and enhances compatibility
between individuals
Encourages encounters with soul mates, and helps attract like-minded people

A crystal which has a diamond-shaped, extra face 
Acts as a "window to the soul"
Clears your perception, and is great for accessing past lives
Reminds you to be "open-minded and to let in the light
Two crystals which naturally form an "x"
Balances the yin/yang energies
Helps you to build and maintain self-confidence and self-esteem
Enhances the male warrior attributes
A crystal which naturally flashes the colors of the rainbow
Bringer of peace and joy into your life
They produce a full spectrum of color working to balance all the energy centers of the body
A constant reminder that there is love and light in every moment
A crystal which has naturally etched little triangles on one
or more faces
The keepers of ancient knowledge and information
Helps to expand your personal data base
Superb tools for meditation, they often can take you back to ancient times 
A crystal with two flatter, tabular sides, usually notched with natural striations, and having a milky quartz (faden) line
Acts as an information file that can bridge the gap between mind and heart
May be used to activate or clear other minerals or crystals



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Flat, broken pieces of self-healed crystals
Symbolizes the freedom to be who you are
Represents an incredible ability to find the healing within
Great stone for stress and depression
Two crystals of equal length and size growing side by side
Symbolizes the union of two soul mates
Helps to balance and complement relationships on all levels
Can aid in accessing past life experiences or memories
Two crystals of similar size joined at the base only
Symbolizes two souls with a strong foundation together, but
who celebrate each other's differences
Attracts like minded, spiritual companions
Two crystals which naturally form a "y"
Symbolizes the innocent roots of humanity
Aids in the development of intuitive and psychic abilities
Enhances the female warrior attributes
A crystal with a drop of water trapped inside
Unites imagination with practicality, bringing about sensibility in all endeavors
Excellent for personal metamorphosis and assists greatly in
times of transition
A crystal with one or more flat sides
Wonderful for all types of alternative and vibrational healing
Aids in the diagnosis by scanning the body, then stores the
scanned information for later retrieval
A crystal with another smaller crystal penetrating the main crystal
Excellent stone for working with the "inner child"
Reminds us to love and accept ourselves 
Tremendous for relieving sadness or stress
A larger crystal covered with lots of smaller crystals 
Represents the "old soul" gathering all the younger souls
Excellent companion during times of loss of a loved one
Helps to stimulate a "willingness" to work within a group 
A larger crystal with a tiny crystal floating free within it
These crystals are quite rare and represent manifesting "the
greatest good for the greatest number"
Aid tremendously in stimulating psychic and spiritual awakening
Serves as a reminder of the master teacher within

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A crystal with two 7 sided faces and a triangle between them
The 7-3-7 configuration representing personal power held in balance by
the energy of perfect order
Excellent tool for sending love, light, healing, prayers etc...
Allows for the connection to the highest wisdom and enhances the transference of that knowledge 

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A crystal having the configuration of 7-3-7-3-7-3 
These crystals combine the channeling and transmission capabilities

A crystal with a milky white line running inside the crystal
can assist one in astral travel
has been used as a stone for protection during air travel
helps one to find their "complement" on the physical plane
can help provide physical, emotional and mental stability
aids in "mending" on all levels and can be used to promote flexibility

a crystal with an extra face under one of the triangular faces
helps one to move through lessons and grow
teaches patience and reminds you to give yourself time
assist in managing one's time
can aid tremendously in telepathic commutation
can assist one in past and parallel life recall

a smaller crystal creating a bridge between two larger crystals
helps to bridge any "gaps" in communication between self and others
helps promote growth in spirituality and metaphysical knowledge
assist in the understanding of lessons between students and teachers



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Acts to both transform and eliminate negative energies
Can be used as a stimulus for precision and analytical capabilities
Can help to facilitate a connection with spiritual world
Can aid in the awakening of inherent talents and abilities
Has been reported to lessen thirst and strengthen eyesight

A rare gemstone thought to have regenerative gifts
Enhances a reawakening of both The Inner and Outer selves
In crystalline form, aids tremendously in helping one to manifest.
Can help to balance mental, emotional and etheric bodies, and reinforce self-esteem
Aids in the treatment of diseases associated with the testes,
spleen, pancreas, nervous system and leukemia 

Facilitates healing through absorption and transmutation of negative energies to positive 
Acts to purify one's body mind and spirit when worn, carried or used as an elixir
Helps to stabilize the connection between the conscious self and universal perfection
Has been used in treating goiters and other diseases of the throat, kidneys and bladder


Provides and enhances a clear connection between the physical body and the ultimate state of perfection
Stimulates the intellect and helps disperse negative energy from the aura, while filling it with white light
Aids in the release of negative emotional programming
Corrects and stabilizes the RNA/DNA structures within the body

A stone of contentment and spiritual metamorphosis
Helps to encourage, support and maintain sobriety
Facilitates the use of "common sense" and promotes good decision-making
Provides a calming and soothing influence while clearing unkind vibrations
Aids in the treatment of arthritis, headaches, insomnia and central nervous system

Apache Tear
A type of obsidian which lends comfort in times of grief and sorrow
Seems to shed the tears for one who is in sadness
Allows for an understanding of the stress in order to provide insight and acceptance
Promotes an attitude of forgiveness and release of grievances
Alleviates muscle spasms and helps eliminate toxins

A stone of courage that steps up the intellectual processes
Encourages one to always be prepared for anything
Aids in the attainment of more spiritual levels of awareness and communication
Emits an empathic, compassionate energy directed toward serving humanity and helps lessen anger
Aids in the treatment of all glands, helps to improve vision and aids in maintaining strong bones and teeth

Acts to clear, activate and protect the heart
Balances the yin/yang energies, amplifying the creative and pioneer spirit
Reinforces decision-making and enhances leadership qualities
Helps to balance and align the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies
Has been used to treat lungs, heart, adrenals and muscular systems

Awakens and helps to develop the "third-eye" and "psychic self"
Enhances creativity and helps to eliminate worries and indecision
Augments self-confidence and helps one to "speak from the heart"
Has been used to facilitate contact with spirit guides during meditation
Aids in the treatment of disorders related to the spine and circulatory system

Allows one to "go within" without fear or hesitation
Helps to eliminate ego-oriented characteristics like vanity, arrogance and conceit
Can provide comfort by calming anxiety while helping to relax
Can enhance flexibility and movement, and works against disorders of the teeth, bones and skin
Helps to prevent asthma, ulcers and other stress-related diseases




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A rose formation symbolizes "all things are possible"
Enhances friendship, harmony and love, and encourages one to go for their dreams
Helps to initiate motivation, independence and personal freedom
Aids in the release of trapped emotions and can help renewed energies
Assists in the removal of toxins, helps stimulate vision and aids in addiction recovery

Helps one to center and ground the heart to live in the "here and now" 
Assists in the access of, and communication with the ancestral spiritual realm
Enhances the states of harmony, strength and adaptability
Helps to instill unselfishness and idealism while enhancing creativity
Works to purify the blood, kidneys, bladder and liver and aids in treating leukemia



all calcite emits an energy that "amplifies" the energies of the body and mind
natural colors over color-appropriate charkas have cleared energies in those areas
helps teach the world to be aware and appreciate the creative forces of nature
aids in dysfunction orders related to the pancreas, kidney, spleen and bone growths

Provides one protection from fear, envy and anger and helps to banish sadness
Helps to eliminate states of apathy, indolence and lethargy
Assists in increasing personal abilities, physical energies, compassion and creativity
Can aid in stimulating analytical abilities and spiritual gifts
Helps provide relief of symptoms due to allergies, cold or flu

Helps one to attune to the earth's needs through communication with her spiritual forces
Can help to lessen heartache while rekindling a capacity to love
Teaches one that silence may be more beneficial than verbalization
Promotes physical vitality and helps one to maintain during stressful times
Helps to regenerate the pancreas and assists in the regulation of insulin

Can hold no negative energies so never needs clearing or cleansing
Sometimes called a "merchant's stone," can assist in acquiring and maintaining wealth
Can encourage open-mindedness and accelerate an awakening within
Helps to stimulate endurance and focus, stabilizes emotions and dispels anger
Promotes blood circulation and helps balance the thyroid and thymus


It acts to enhance cooperation in relationships.
Can be very useful in clearing the aura, chakras and meridians.
Works to attack anger, hostility, frustration and dissention.
Promotes the production of beneficial bacteria, while helping to eliminate toxins from the body. 
Can help to diminish age and liver spots.

Helps fight against restlessness, excitability, lethargy and laziness
Works to instill attributes of optimism, diplomacy, initiative and independence
Allows for the recognition of obstacles in ones spiritual path
Can stabilize blood flow, increases circulation and helps treat arthritis, bursitis and infection

Helps to instill diplomacy and bring peace of mind to the user
Assists in developing the skills of imagination, intuition and visualization
Facilitates clear communication and the transfer of sacred knowledge from our spiritual masters
Strengthens the skeletal and circulatory systems and stimulates tissue regeneration
Used in treating disorders of alimentary and spinal canals and thalamus




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Symbolizes the central sun and like the sun never needs recharging
Known as a stone of innocence that brings forth consistency and purity
Instills trust, confidence and fidelity in all relationships
Inspires imagination, creativity and innovation
Helps one to accumulate and manifest abundance
Can be used to counteract the effects of poison and can stimulate and clarify vision



Symbolizes success in all endeavors of love
Teaches one to combine intelligence with discernment, thereby inducing right action
Activates and stimulates the heart while calming the emotions
Has worked to enhance memory and increase mental capacity
Has been used to treat disorders of the spine, lungs and heart



Fire Agate
Symbolizes the spiritual flame of "absolute perfection within"
Helps to dispel inner fears and all that does not suit you on your path to enlightenment
Encourages you to be the very best you can be
Teaches you to go within for the answers and to receive inspiration
Helps bring clarity to sight and enhances night vision
Assists in treating disorders of the circulatory and nervous systems

Assists in the transfer of thoughts, information, ideas and emotions
Helps you to sever emotional ties which keep you bound to stressful situations
Aids in viewing the "unknown" and provides insight to deal with contrary influences
Can bring intellectual, psychological, rational and physical strength
Used in treatment of kidney stones, calcium deposits and liver disorders

Helps discourage disruptive, chaotic and disorganized growth
Encourages and maintains a flawless ideal of health, intellect and well-being
Helps you to see the inherent purity and perfection of the universe
Has been used in treating growths, tumors and infectious disease

Has been used to enhance communication between prior worlds and present reality
Can heighten accomplishments in the business realm
Aids in instilling quality and excellence within your environment
Can help dispense with old habits and programming and open to the "new"
Can stimulate the thymus and aid in treating the skeletal system



Has been called a stone of total commitment to purpose, others and self
Helps to soothe feelings of abandonment and brings a new freshness to life
Enhances the internal fire, bringing the creative abilities to fruition
Aids in stimulating and balancing the awakening and movement of the inner life force
Aids in the treatment of disorders of the heart, lungs and blood

Helps us to see the whole picture before making a decision
Teaches us that through freedom do we mold and create our future
Assists in attaining more effective communication skills
Strengthens the communication to the higher realms
Aids in the treatment of disorders of the nervous system, hands and lungs

Called the "master healer" it can assist in purifying the physical body
Helps to alleviate tension and stress by amplifying positive feelings and energies
When combined with another mineral or gemstone it amplifies all other properties
Can enhance mental capabilities, and helps improve conditions of autism, dyslexia and epilepsy
Has been used effectively in the treatment of multiple sclerosis


Golden beryl 

Represents purity in all aspects on all levels of being
Helps provide insight into sacred rites and ceremonies
Promotes ones will to succeed even at times when courage fails
Teaches that there is no obstacle in any circumstance which cannot be overcome with confidence, courage and conviction
Has been used in treatments of the heart, spine and cranium



A stone for the mind, it aids in enhancing memory and technical knowledge
Helps you to realize that any and all limitations are self-imposed
Helps to dissolve negativity by transforming it to universal pure love and light
Can attract kind love and bring inner peace, self-control and inner happiness
Assists in aligning the energy of the spine and helps with blood disorders

Herkimer Diamond
Helps you to be everything you are through self-actualization
Aids in clearing the mind and body of fear and other negative emotions
Can be used as a tool of attunement between people, activities or environment
Assists in stimulating clairvoyance, clairaudience and telepathic communication
Can be helpful in dispersing radioactivity and toxins from the body




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Helps to facilitate a painless change toward spiritual growth
Can be used to stimulate visions and aid in shamanic communication with the spirits
Activates the third-eye and awakens meditative healing and astral capabilities
Helps eliminate disruption and discord within relationships
Strengthens the body's constitution and helps improve discarded conditions of the liver



A stone of fidelity and dreaming facilitating a realization of one's potential
Helps one to release limitations, so as to realize one's goals
Provides confidence and helps one to know self-assuredness,
sufficiency and reliance
Assist in the recognition of other's needs and inspires the wisdom to aid them
Can aid in the treatment of the heart, hips, kidney and spleen disorders

Teaches us to nurture ourselves as well as others
A sacred stone to the Native Americans, it is said to be a stone of protection
Shields against negativity, helps balance the physical, emotional and intellectual bodies
Has proven very effective during hospitalization
Has been used to treat the deterioration of the liver, kidneys, bladder and stomach



Can be used to remove obstacles from one's path and shields against unwanted energies
Dissolves negativity and raises all surrounding energies to a higher vibration
Assists one in attaining a deep, meditative state while stimulating intuition and creativity
Promotes mature thoughts and actions while opening to the "child within"
Can strengthen and reinforce the heart muscles, lungs and circulatory system

Does not retain negative energies, so never needs clearing or cleansing
Stimulates and enhances psychic awareness and communication on all levels
Helps to dispel anger and frustration and facilitate mental clarity
Helps to ease you into meditation with a gentle, balanced energy
Can aid in the treatment of the adrenal and parathyroid glands, throat and brain



Said to bring the light of other planetary beings to the soul of the user
Helps to ease the transformation of intuition to intellectual thought
Combines the energies of the sun and moon providing strength and vitality during changes
Aids in releasing insecurities and fears while enhancing faith and reliance in one's own abilities
Assists in treating disorders of the brain and increases mental awareness

Lapis Lazuli
A stone of total awareness, allows one to access ancient knowledge and psychic abilities
Helps one to remain objective, clear-minded and enduring while releasing old, emotional baggage
Teaches one to be more organizational in daily routines and activities
A great companion in overcoming depression while enhancing acceptance and peace of mind
Aids in treating disorders of throat, bone marrow, thymus,
immune system and insomnia

helps one to realize the "chains that bind" are self-imposed
can help one to gain freedom from the "materialistic world"
encourages one to admit to guilt and brings a peacefulness through truth
emits a loving and healing energy to use with foot reflexology 

Refreshing and almost sentimental it encourages universal light, hope and acceptance
Eases one through changes helping to re-structure and re-order old patterns of behavior
Excellent stone for business pursuits combining effective communication with diplomacy
Can teach self-love and trust with a child-like acceptance and innocence
Contains traces of lithium and acts as a natural mood stabilizer and muscle relaxer



A stone of transformation, assists in receiving sacred knowledge leading toward spiritual evolution
Helps to create a path free from obstacles as one reaches for his goals
Teaches one to accept responsibilities for one's thoughts words and actions
Represents faithfulness and love in relationships and loyalty and practical dealings in business
Can protect against radiation, boost the immune system and aid in treating growths, tumors, arthritis and broken bones

can be used to enhance cooperating efforts within a group 
can encourage positive action and inspire creativity
helps to ground and balance the emotional and physical body
can help diminish growth of free radicals and acts as a natural pain killer

A lunar, balancing energy it helps one to absorb the energies needed from the universe
Assist one in understanding and accepting one's chosen destiny
Assists in intuitive knowledge, perception and discernment while eliminating emotional stress
Enhances confidence and self-esteem allowing one to overcome difficult situations with diplomacy
Can ease PMS, menopause, insomnia, child-birth and circulatory problems and can enhance fertility




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Helps one to clearly see flaws within and make the changes necessary to eliminate them
Excellent stone for grounding and connecting to Earth Mother
Provides a shield against negativity and helps dispel unloving thoughts
Superb stone for protecting one from physical and emotional harm
Aids in the assimilation of vitamins and helps both healer and subject understand and fight disease


Encourages a brotherhood among all and enhances generosity
Helps to alleviate hostilities, irritabilities and apathy
Can be used to glimpse that which lies beyond our sight
Assists in promoting a recognition of personal strengths and ambitions
Aids in the treatment of disorders associated with bone marrow, soft tissue and the feet

Enhances and amplifies personal traits and characteristics
Can aid in strengthening memory and stimulates mental capabilities
Teaches one the art of invisibility when one does not wish to be noticed
Has been used to stimulate psychic and mystical attributes
Aids in treatment of Parkinson's Disease, and diabetes, purifies the blood and regulates the flow of insulin



Represents faith, kind-heartedness, innocence and purity
Helps to provided focus in all endeavors and opens a clear channel for spirit guidance
Allows one to see himself as others see him and helps eliminate boisterous behavior
Known as stone of sincerity it brings truth and loyalty to all causes
Aids in the treatment of digestive disorders and the soft organs of the body

Helps one to recognize detrimental habits and to make needed changes
Can aid one in healing a bruised ego
Aids in lessening anger and jealousy with respect to matters of the heart
Can help one to recover that which is lost or mislaid in the physical world
Acts to strengthen and regenerate the body, and aids in the treatment of the heart and lungs

An excellent shield to protect one from all forms of negative energies
Stimulates the nurturing energies, assisting in the achievement of physical perfection
Encourages and maintains the ideals of health, intellect and emotional well-being
Can enhance memory and help one to see the truth behind and illusion
Can be used in treatment of bronchitis and emphysema, infectious diseases and RNA/DNA disorders



A connection between the physical world and the dimensions of the mind
Can facilitate communication with the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms, as well as other intellectual life forces
Helps one to stay calm and remain clear-minded while promoting patience and perseverance
Can be used to treat vertigo, dizziness and all symptoms of the body by helping to clear and balance all energy centers

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Contains an electrical energy which emits the strongest force in the universe...the power of love
Assists in the creation of new worlds and the fulfillment of dreams 
Teaches that "to serve Mother Earth" is not only a need, but a joy
Helps to relieve internal infections and inflammations
Can improve intestinal activity, and can balance and stabilize the energy of the heart

Rose Quartz
Teaches that patience and gentle, unconditional love can overcome any obstacle
Promotes and allows one to see the beauty of art, music and the written word
Helps to calm and clarify the emotions, bringing harmony and peace to crisis times
Aids in rejuvenating both the physical and emotional bodies
Works to calm and stabilize the heart, soothe bronchitis, burns and blistering

Known as a stone of nobility, it can assist in maintaining stability in business situations
Enhances the loving emotions toward nurturing, and brings spiritual wisdom, wealth, good health and knowledge
During controversies or disputes it encourages gentleness and discourages violent tendencies
Teaches that one does not need to suffer or become the martyr to experience spiritual growth on their path, and like the fire within, sparks a light which can dispel darkness on all levels
Has been used in the treatment of heart disorders, fever and toxin elimination

brings strength and stamina coupled with love to the user
helps facilitate learning during transition times
aids in stabilizing relationships, mental, emotional and physical imbalances and marriages
has been used to treat bronchitis and regulate mothers milk, and stimulate sexuality when so directed



Can bring peace and joy by opening the mind to beauty and intuition
Known as a stone of prosperity, it helps eliminate fear and frustration, and aids in the fulfillment of dreams and desires
Can help to rid one of unwanted thoughts, replacing them with positive ones
Can be useful in treating blood and cellular disorders, combat bleeding and strengthen the walls of veins
Note: Different colors of sapphires are specific to clearing and balancing the areas of the body governed by their color

    star sapphire 
                  thought to be a stone of wisdom and good luck
                  helps one to understand and accept "human nature"
                  can ease contact with advanced beings not of the earth plane
                  enhances an understanding of the intentions of another 

Provides clarity of the mind, helping to expand one's awareness of self and surroundings
Can assist one in acquiring materialistic gains during business pursuits
Helps promote both flexibility and strength to the process of decision-making, and justice when dealing with disputes
Has been used to align the energies of the spine and remove blockages, while smoothing the flow of these energies
Can help to overcome the damage caused by the "free radical" and has been highly successful with cancer, epilepsy, age spots and wrinkles

Can bring patience and perseverance to all situations, which allow one to understand the underlying reasons for difficulties
Can be used to enhance the attributes of all other stones, and is strongest during new and full moons
Aids in strengthening the "silver cord" that connects the physical and astral body, eliminating the fear of projecting
Can be used to improve speech and bring culture and eloquence to conversation
Can be used to treat hepatitis, eliminate toxins and increase the body's assimilation of vitamins A and E

Smokey Quartz
Helps dissolve the negative energies and emotional blocks
Excellent stone for grounding and focusing while providing a protective barrier around the user
Activates and promotes survival instincts, personal pride and helps one to find daily joy in living
Helps to enhance creativity in business and encourage good decision-making in purchasing
Helps to regulate liquids within the body and helps relieve disorders of the hands and feet

Also called a "fairy cross" was said to be the crystallized tears of the fairy realm when they learned of Jesus' death
Has aided in accessing information from the ancients of the Middle East
Assists in the establishment and balancing of communication between the physical, ethereal and extra-terrestrial realms
Helps eliminate depression, addictive personality traits and tendencies to over-extend oneself
Used to treat malaria, fevers, smoking and disorders of the cells

Teaches that there is a strong connection between well-being of both mind and body, facilitating the healing process 
Instills the perfection of "unconditional spiritual love" and helps to manifest this energy on the earth plane
Aids in forgiveness of oneself and others, and enhances the understanding of the lessons we have chosen for this lifetime
Can be used to eliminate anger, hostility, jealousy, prejudice and other negative vibrations from one's being
Containing manganese-a natural pain-remover, it is a wonderful remedy for headaches and other painful disorders

Can be used to dissipate fear, alleviate stress and increase strength, vitality and endurance
Encourages independence, originality and imagination
Has been reported to facilitate contact with spirit guides, emitting a golden glow when used in medicine wheel ceremonies
Was used in ancient times to counteract poison and enhance stamina
Aids in the treatment of chronic sore throats, rheumatism, spinal problems and aching feet




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Tiger Eye
Brings together the energies of the sun and earth and is quite useful in grounding
Instills clarity in the mind when dealing with scattered details
Can assist in gently opening the third-eye and enhancing psychic abilities and can help eliminate the "blues
Has been used to stimulate and maintain the energies which bring wealth to the user
Can be used in treating the eye, throat and reproductive organs and aids in mending broken bones

A stone of success and manifestation in all endeavors when consciously directed toward the highest good of all
Promotes creativity and individuality while replacing negativity with love and joyfulness
A crystal of potency, enhances healing and visualization and links conscious direction of intentions to their manifestation
Aids in the healing of wounds and skin conditions
Natural colors of topaz work to clear, activate and stimulate
energy centers associated with these colors

Can aid in diminishing fear by promoting understanding Helps attract inspiration and boost self-confidence
Has been used to provide insight in times of trouble or frustration and enhances healing and creativity
Assists in balancing the energies of the left and right brain
Each natural color of tourmaline has its own special properties and attributes 

Aids in stimulating communication skills, creativity, intuition and emotional issues
An excellent stone for grounding and is said to change color to warn of danger or indicate infidelity in thoughts or actions
Brings peace of mind and bestows goodness upon the user
Having male and female attributes itself, it can help to balance those aspects and energies of the user
A "master healer" it can dissipate negative energies at the physical emotional and mental levels, strengthens the body, aids in the rejuvenation of those tissues, increases circulation and helps alleviate headaches







Assists one in seeing the whole picture prior to making any decisions
Aids one in managing difficult situations while helping one to recognize the methods needed to overcome these difficulties
Especially effective during new moon, enhances psychic abilities and intuition
Aids in balancing the red and white blood cell count and has assisted in the treatment of dermatitis







Brings together creativity, physical vitality and personal power
Acts to attract others of like mind and aids in promoting group effort
Can help to enhance and further the physical aspects of relationships
Can be used to treat conditions of the hair, skin and prostate gland 


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