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SUPER SEVEN CRYSTAL, Melody's Stone is a much needed gift from the Espirito Santo (meaning Holy Spirit) region of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Also called Sacred Seven, they are yet another stone in the kingdom which never needs clearing or cleansing.





We began The Crystal Seen in Austin Tx. in 1993, shortly after our first dig in Mt. Ida, Arkansas. With a growing love, and a focus on learning the habits and properties of these crystal wonders of Mother Earth, we soon discovered that we had a natural gift for digging and working with them. Over the next five years we found ourselves in a market, where we based The Crystal Seen, and with the special needs of our clients in mind, we began to combine crystals with other stones, set in our hand-crafted gold and silver jewelry, specifically directed towards balancing the emotions, body, mind and spirit.

Then, in 1997, we purchased property just outside of Mt. Ida with the dream of someday moving and building a shop. We realized that dream when we moved there in Oct. of 1999 and opened for business that December. Times were hard, and we saw a lot of changes in the mines and in the crystal business. We decided to focus our work on teaching, working with families and groups, and doing our custom, metaphysical jewelry. And, over the last few years, we have been building our own "tailings" right here at our shop, so that we can share the experience of the "dig" with all those who are "just passing through" and might not have the time to go to the mines. We are also licensed miners, and for a modest fee will accompany you to the mines, "show you the ropes," and teach you about these crystals.

In October of 2001, after a 2 1/2 month long "labor of love," we moved all our crystals to the front of the property and built a new gift shop where you can find many different items, including hand-dug crystals, tumble stones, fine jewelry and hand-crafted items of all kinds.

September of 2002 we added a second shop, where we can now offer our customers even more in imported minerals, custom jewelry design and repair, and "on-the-spot" wire wrapping. (For a modest fee for his time, informal classes are also available while you visit.) Then, in September of 2003 we began an eBay business auctioning crystals, minerals and finished jewelry, which can also be found in this second shop for the same great prices.

Well, folks, we sure hope you will find your way to visit us here in beautiful Mt. Ida, "THE QUARTZ CRYSTAL CAPITAL OF THE WORLD" We look forward to meeting each and every one of you, and remember that we are a trading company, so bring lots of "trade goods" and maybe we'll do some trading!!!


Dennis and Julie Kincaid



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